Online Device Sootimander #082
O O Sootimander Habitat
Element Mt. Adena

Favorite Food
Volcanic Ash
Rarity Location
Common Mt. Adena, Mt. Adena II, Mt. Adena Track and Mt. Adena III in Online version
A Sootimander will curl into a ball and roll with the flames still alight to protect itself from larger opponents.
Sootimander evolves into Sootiraptor after Level 19 with 7 Evolution Points.
> Sootraptor
> Sootdragon


Lv. 1 Per Lv. Lv. 100
HP 26 3 344
Melee Attack 35 3 354
Melee Defense 22 3 339
Range Attack 29 3 347
Range Defense 27 3 345
Speed 18 3 335
Agility 19 3 336

  • Stats are based on the Device version so those stats may not perfect in Online version, but may shares propensity of stats(like stats showcase in TerraPedia in Online version) with each other.

Available MovesEdit

Lvl Name Element Style PP Power Energy Cost Effect
1 Scratch Normal Melee 25 45 Low Flinch(5%)
3 Flare Fire Other 100 0 No Energy Melee & Ranged Attack(+10%), Burn(10%)
7 Scorch Fire Ranged 25 45 Low Ranged Attack(+15%)
12 Dirt Attack Normal Other 15 0 Medium Accuracy(-10%)
16 Bite Normal Melee 25 55 Low Flinch(25%)
20 Burn Fire Melee 15 55 Medium Burn(10%)
25 Fireball Fire Ranged 15 60 Medium Melee & Ranged Defense(-5%)


  • Sootimander's tongue doesn't stick out in online game.
  • Sootimander was designed by PurpleKecleon.

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